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Boulders Beach

  • Description

This tiny and seemingly insignificant beach along the False Bay seaboard is actually one of Cape Town's biggest tourist attractions, namely due to the thousand-strong African penguin colony living in and around the dunes and boulders.

To get really close to the penguins stroll along the wooden boardwalks that thread through the dense vegetation, over the dunes and round Foxy Beach - with such a beautiful setting and ever-obliging birds you’re sure to get some great photos. In fact the penguins almost seem to pose for pictures, though a word of warning: don’t hassle the penguins or try to touch them - they may look cute but they can be grouchy and those beaks are razor sharp.Afterward wandering the boardwalks, head down to Boulders Beach itself and find a spot to soak up some sunshine and enjoy the unique experience of sharing a stretch of sand with these birds in their butler-style tailcoats. If you’re travelling with kids, be prepared to stay a while: the water’s safe for swimming, there are rock pools to explore and boulders to clamber about on – it really is the perfect spot for a family beach picnic.

A final word of advice for those who have driven to Boulders Beach: before you leave, check to see whether any stray birds have chosen to rest in the shade of, or underneath, your car.